To become a prominent international standard dental faculty, and actively participate in the national development through education, research and community service by 2026

  1. Organizing quality education so that students have superior academic and professional capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit and abilities
  2. Developing research in the field of dentistry that is superior and international standard
  3. Develop and disseminate science and technology in dentistry to improve public dental health
  4. Establish cooperation in the national and international scope in developing education, research, and community service
  1. Producing qualified dentist graduates, devoted to God Almighty, capable of self-learning, broad-minded, prossessing discipline and a high work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and competing at national and international levels
  2. Produce superior research outputs in the form of scientific publications and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  3. Improving the ability in community empowerment through the development of problem-solving concepts using scientific methods in dentistry
  1. Professional dentist graduates who are able to analyze and solve public health problems both nationally and internationally
  2. Educational and research facilities that meet quality standards
  3. Human resources that are independent and have competence in accordance with their fields
  4. International cooperation in Asian-level in education and research
  5. Transparent and accountable governance and institutional systems

Creative, Effective and Efficient, Religious, Honest, Trustworthy


Smart and Sincere Work, Classy and Quality in Faculty of Dentistry UnIversitas Brawijaya